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COLLECTION 3.0 (!!!!) It 's the return of refreshing scarves !

It is with a little ( an average to be honest ) emotion that we present to you our six new reversible models! Pastel shades & watercolor patterns , each of our precious ones adds elegance & cuteness to your best friend, while keeping it cool during the summer season !

The scarves are made of a light, durable material that can go in the water without any problem. The texture to the touch resembles that of swimsuit fabrics! Since they are " water-friendly ", why not wet them and put them in the freezer before going for a walk on hot summer days? In addition to making your pet adorable , his head/neck and abdomen will stay cool with this practical fashion accessory!

1. either with the snaps, which offer 2 different sizes. 
2. or by passing the scarf around the collar through the opening made at the base of the product.

VERY SMALL : 17cm to 24cm
SMALL : 24cm to 33cm
MEDIUM : 31cm to 39cm
LARGE : 36cm to 48cm
VERY LARGE : 40cm to 53cm

* it is important to leave 1 to 3 cm of space for the comfort of the animal.


The creation of the collection, from A to Z (!!)
Honestly, I wouldn't have JAAAA-BUT thought it would be so much work! To be honest, it's all one universe & I learned a lot along the way!

For the 3.0 collection, my goals were clear;
- put the package, aesthetic level, with the creation of unique illustrations, like Finfido and which match with our other products in store;
- unique & durable materials, with added value that combine beauty and practicality for the well-being of our animals;
- encourage local entrepreneurs at every stage, who will put their passion & talent into each scarf offered to you.

And, dare I say it... IT'S A WRAP!


ROXANNE STEWART (!!) Her more-than-perfect Instagram & all the beautiful projects she had already carried out with brio naturally led me to her to develop unique images & in the image of Finfido! Thank you for having listened to all my ideas, for having understood sooooo well the " feels " that I wanted to give to this collection & for having been so proactive!

OUR TISSUE PRODUCER (!!) We are going to keep her identity secret because it is a "secret defense file" ( prevention is better than cure for plagiarism tse! ) BUT, we know that you recognize yourself and know that you will have been a precious help! Proactive in the development of the collection, she had the HUGE patience to explain to me from A to Z the computer graphics/editing of the patterns/printing and design of the fabrics. Rare are the people who would have taken 2 hours, late on a Tuesday evening, to explain the process to me, to advise me on the choice of fabrics & not to sigh when I did not understand the information "of a first shot"! THANK YOU!

MARY DE CATSO (!!) My first partner with Finfido! Who would have thought that our first collabo would be made to version 3.0, presented in a physical Finfido, next to your walkin' kit? I would like Mary & Cynthia, from 3 and a half years ago, to be able to see each other today and say to each other that our "we're not giving up!" », in the early hours of the morning with our coffees and our dark circles, have borne fruit! Thank you for agreeing to " lend " us your scarf models, for another great collaboration!

Maudine that we have great companies & great people in Quebec!
It is an immense pride to be able to say that our scarves were designed, through the beautiful & great work, of 4 companies from our region!

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Annick Garon
petit foulard Pitaya

Je suis très satisfaite de mon achat!
Le foulard est bien fabriqué et facilement lavable , il tient aussi très bien au collier .
merci au plaisir

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